1. Reservation and renting.
  2. Ways of payment.
  3. Period of renting.
  4. Documents of renting.
  5. Driving license/ Identity Card.
  6. Second driver.
  7. Regulation of age..
  8. Vehicle categories.
  9. Children's seats.
  10. Regulation of supply of fuels.
  11. Process of delivery.
  12. After hours delivery.
  13. Cancellation.
  14. Reservation/renting change.
  15. Customers service.
  16. Insurance.

  1. 1) Reservation and renting.

    Follow the steps in our site to make a reservation/renting.
    Please fill in your personal details as well as the details for the banking process.
    Please be careful and check the correctness of your details. It is the better way for a problem free delivery and recipient of the rented car.
    Be careful particularly the correctness of your flight number of in order we can informed for a possible delay of your arrival.

    The use of your personal details, is realised according the law for protection of personal data, and serves only the process of contract of renting as well as the care of our customers.
  2. 2) Ways of payment ^^^^^

    You can join the following ways of payment:
    a. Deposit via credit card
    b. Deposit via account of bank
    c. Without any deposit for short-term reservations (last minute)
    More specifically:
    a. In the proportional area of our web page you must fill in the asked details for the payment via credit card. After we receive the deposit, we will send you via e-mail the confirmation of reservation with the details of renting.
    b. In the proportional area of our web page you must fill in the asked details. You are informed for the bank account in which you have to send the deposit.
    After we realise the entry of your deposit you will receive via e-mail the confirmation of your reservation with the details of renting.

    c. In the case of short-term reservation - at least seven days before the beginning of renting - , you have to communicate by phone with our collaborators in order we confirm the availability of the car. There are two possible ways of payment: Cash or credit card in the place of renting.
  3. 3) Period of renting. ^^^^^
    The minimum duration is 3 days. One day of renting is the interval of 24 hours and begins from the starting time of renting. There are no charges if you delay for 3 hours to return the car.
  4. 4) Documents of renting. ^^^^^
    At the beginning of renting the customer has to present us the confirmation of renting. This confirmation does not have the force of a contract. The contract will be authored according the details of this confirmation.
  5. 5) Driving license/ Identity Card. ^^^^^
    The driver and the second driver must be holders of a valid driving license at least for two year, which they must present us. Also they have to present a valid identity card and the passport. All of the documents must be genuine. Fax copies and photocopies are not acceptable. If the customer does not bring one of these documents or one of them is invalid and not genuine, he cannot be realised the renting and the deposit is not returned.
  6. 6) Second driver. ^^^^^
    An additional driver is included in the price of renting. This should be entered in the contract. In the case of accident the insurance does not cover the damage if the driver is not entered in the contract..
  7. 7) Regulation of age. ^^^^^
    The driver, as well as the additional driver, should be at least 23 years. The maximum limit of age is 75 years.
  8. 8) Vehicle categories. ^^^^^
    The reservation and renting of a vehicle are always in effect for the particular category of car that you selected and not for a concrete type of car. The pictures and the photographs of the vehicles are examples for the size and the efficiency of each vehicle category. In the case that a category of vehicles is not available, you will allocate from our company a vehicle of equal superior value, same superior category, without moreover debit. Choose meticulously your vehicle in order that this corresponds in the number of passengers you will transport and their baggage.
  9. 9) Children's seats. ^^^^^
    Our company supplies children seats without moreover debit. Please inform us for the required number and the age of the children.
  10. 10) Regulation of supply of fuels. ^^^^^
    You will receive the rented car with full fuel tank. Obviously, you will return the vehicle with the fuel tank also full.
  11. 11) Process of delivery. ^^^^^
    The delivery of rented car is realised in the airport of Thessalonica (SKG) without any charge. Our collaborator will wait for you in the area of arrivals. Give attention and look for the plate with the logo of our company ' ABC rent a car '. Please be careful and check the correctness of the airway and the number of flight in order we can consequence the time of delivery and realise any possible delay in the time of your arrival.
  12. 12) After hours delivery. ^^^^^
    The delivery and receipt of the rented car can be realised for 24 hours. The regular work schedule is from the 8:00 until 22:00. If the recipient and delivery are realised inside regular schedule you do not have moreover charges. If however you need an after hour recipient or delivery, you are overloaded with the sum of 15€ in addition the cost of renting which will be calculate automatically when you fill in the details of the date and the hour of renting. In case that you are not accountable for the delay (delay of airway arrival etc) you are not going to pay any charge.
  13. 13) Cancellation. ^^^^^
    Cancellations until 14 days before the beginning of renting do not have debit. In this case we will return you the deposit. The cancellation should be realised by phone. If your cancellation is realised at least by 14 days before the beginning of renting will be returned the deposit to you. For a confirmed renting which is not realised because of customer’s no appearance, invalid incomplete registrations, accelerated retirement of customer, or cancellation of the beginning period of renting, the deposit is not returned. There is not also return of money for cancellation of short-term confirmed reservation (last minute). For the days that the vehicle was not used even it was the duration of renting we will not return money.
  14. 14) Reservation/renting change. ^^^^^
    Changes in the details of reservation/renting can be realised until seven days before the beginning of renting. The changes can be realised only by phone, in the telephone of our company 2310-604 400. If the result of the change is a different cost of renting, this should be realised in a new reservation. Your first reservation will be cancelled and will be been in effect the second one. Changes afterwards the beginning of renting as for example an extension of time of renting etc. should become in time. In the case of accelerated departure of customer, it will depend from the cause of the departure if it will be returned to him some pecuniary sum.
  15. 15) Customers service. ^^^^^
    From 9:00 until 21:00 we can serve you for reservations and any kind of questions or clarifications, also by phone. Please do not hesitate to communicate with us immediately, if for anyone reason you are not satisfied with your car. For the whole 24hour we can serve you if you need road help.
  16. 16) Insurance. ^^^^^

    We provide two types of insurance:
    1) Dual insurance with customers charge ( included in the price of renting)
    The amount of customer charge in case of accident per category of vehicles is as follows:
    Vehicles Category B → amount charge 300. - €
    Vehicles Category C → amount charge 400. - €
    Vehicles Category D → amount charge 500. - €
    Vehicles Category E → amount charge 600. - €
    Vehicles Category F → amount charge 700. - €
    ABC is trying to keep the cost of renting lower so we provide the Dual Insurance with customer’s charge. When is caused a damage in the car, with culpability of customer, the customer is overloaded superior up to the amount charge of the vehicle’s category that he selected. In the event that the cost of damage is smaller of the charge, he is only overloaded the cost of damage.
    When the customer is not responsible for accident with other vehicle, the cost of damage its not overloaded. The unique proof of responsibility or not of the customer is a signed and sealed document by the Traffic Police.
    After you fill in the date of recipient and return of the car in our web page, you can also change the type of insurance in 100% full insurance without any charge. After the change, will be estimated the new cost, so you can compare it with the previous one.
    2) 100% Full insurance without charge
    If you prefer the 100% full insurance 100% without charge, you are absolute covered in all damages even you are responsible for, without charge.
    The insurance covers all kinds of damage from accidents, theft, burglary, fire, natural destructions, vandalisms. The cost of 100% full insurance is 2,50 € per day for B’C’ Category and 4.00€ for any other category of renting in addition the cost of renting.
    In the case of accident the customer is obligated to inform us immediately in the telephone numbers 0030 2310 604400, 0030 6936506999 which is also entered in the contract. Our company is going to inform the Police. In case of engine damage the customer is obligated to remain in the vehicle until the Road assistance come. In case of engine damage ABC is obligated to replace the vehicle of one other of the same category in 24 hours.
    The insurance companies are not cover:
    • If you drive in not asphalt streets
    • If the driver has not been reported in the contract
    • If the damage/accident were caused under influence of use of alcoholic drinks, medicines or narcotics.
    • For damage in the interior of vehicle, concretely:
    Burning by cigarettes, damage of seats, lounge, damage from pets, damage in the internal equipment because of bad use, excessive filth.
    If at the beginning of renting exists damage in the vehicle from previous customer that has not been corrected, this will be recorded to your own guarantee in the contract.

    In case of accident you will notify us immediately in the telephone number 2310 60 44 or 0030 6936506999 which is also entered in the contract.